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How to check a fabric order

We don’t know about you, but many times, we’re so excited about getting a new order of fabric, that we forget to actually check our order.

We want to be sure that our customers always get what they order. That their fabric is the correct length and is not in any way damaged. We are super careful about your orders, always double and triple check the final product. But even we make mistakes.

Here are the steps you should take when you get a new fabric order.

Step #1- Check the fabrics you received against your invoice. Simply By Ti does not send out paper invoices. So you’ll need to check against your digital invoice (you should have received this via e-mail). If there is a fabric missing, note it.

Step #2- Measure your fabric. Fabric lengths are only guaranteed BEFORE you wash. Washing your fabric can (and usually does) result in shrinkage. I usually aim to give you at least 1″ more than what you order.

Step #3- Examine your fabric for dirt, smudges, over dye, and holes! We usually catch the really big holes and large misprints, but it is always possible that we miss something.

You may notice that you have a hole (small or large) or a misprint and extra fabric. I would rather give you the problem areas than have to make a “seconds” box. I always make sure that you get complete yardage that you ordered “plus” the problem area. So please examine your fabric carefully!

In most cases, your fabric is going to be just fine. YAY. But if you notice a problem, contact the company immediately. I know here at Simply By Ti, we’ll be happy to resolve whatever the problem may be.

Now that you’re done examining your fabric, you can put it in the wash and get crafting!


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Get Your Sew Jo On

Do you buy a lot of fabric? I know I did (its a little hard to justify fabric purchases with a few 1000 yards of fabric at your disposal). I always thought I should get rewarded for all my fabric purchases.

My store, my rules, so now you DO get rewarded for your fabric purchases.


For every dollar spent, you get 1 sowjo.

For every review you write, you get 50 Sowjos.

For a review with a photo of your finished project you get 100 Sojows.  And you can absolutely link back to your own blog or facebook page too.

You can use the Sowjos towards your purchases, it works just like a credit system.  The best yet, your hard earned sowjos don’t expire and doesn’t have any purchasing restrictions.


Easy enough? Get shopping!



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Diary of a fabric hoarder

When my husband said, “Let’s start a fabric store” I gave him the look. You know the one. The one that says, “I will NOT be adding to my already too full list of things to do.”

He tried all sorts of things to convince me that this was a GREAT idea. And I shut him down over and over. But he persisted.

Then he said, “That’s fine. I’ll start a fabric business.” I immediately saw people with pitchforks approaching our house, ready to string him up for messing up their fabric orders. And worse, I saw him dragging me into this. There was no way he was going to learn everything there was to know about fabric in time to make this a success. I had hoped he would just give up.

Instead of giving up, he started contacting manufacturers, distributors, and making lists of supplies that we would need to ship these packages. That’s when it got funny.

You see, this is a man that knows NOTHING about fabric. He was contacting companies that only sold wovens or medical grade fabrics asking them for cotton/lycra. He kept trying to pull me in by saying things like, “What does GSM mean?” And worse, he was asking me these questions at 10, 11, 12 even 1 o’clock at night! If I wasn’t already in bed, I was trying to enjoy my much deserved sewing break.

Of course, its clear that I finally gave in. I realized he wasn’t going to give in, and if I let him persist the way he was going, this whole endeavor was going to blow up in his face. And if you’re married, you know you don’t want your partner to fail, because the repercussions always fall back on you.

So here I am, a hesitant fabric store owner. On the plus side, at least I’ve had plenty of life experience with fabric, so I can 100% vouch for our selection. And worst case scenario, I have a few thousand yards of fabric to add to my collection.

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